Dr. Antell has been providing litigation consultation to attorneys throughout
the country for more than 15 years. She focuses primarily on civil litigation in
personal injury, medical malpractice, and claims of emotional distress, but has
also been called upon to provide opinions regarding testamentary capacity,
and in some criminal matters. While she has been called on primarily by defense
attorneys, she has provided services to plaintiff attorneys as well.

Dr. Antell has qualified as an expert in Clinical Neuropsychology, Child Psychology,
Developmental Neuropsychology, and Design and Analysis of Biomedical Research
in multiple states an in Federal Court. She has never been excluded as a witness
in any jurisdiction.

Dr. Antell has published numerous invited commentaries in Mealey's Litigation
Reports, and other legal publications, has given numerous workshops at Mealey's,
and has lectured attorneys in a variety of additional venues. You may see some
of these publications by clicking on the publications link at the end of this section.
She has worked with some of the leading Defense and Plaintiff's firms in the country
and would be delighted to provide you with references upon request.

Dr. Antell offers a comprehensive list of forensic services which are tailored to meet
your specific needs. Evaluation services are provided primarily in her offices in
Baltimore, Maryland and Boca Raton, Florida, but she also travels to other locations as requested.

Dr. Antell's services include:

• Neuropsychological Evaluation
• Document Review/Summary
• Research/Attorney Education
• Review and Critique of Opposing Experts
• Preparation of Deposition and Trial Questions
• Expert Testimony
• Attorney Consultation

Areas of expertise include:

• Medical malpractice (including obstetrical malpractice, and delay in administration of
  anti-clotting agents following ischemic stroke)
• Head Injury (including allegations of mild head injury) following automobile or other
• Claims of Emotional distress/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Toxic Torts (especially childhood lead exposure and mold/sick building litigation)
• Psychological malpractice

For further information regarding forensic services, or to speak with Dr. Antell, please
call her Boca Raton Office, 561-893-8199. You may also reach her via e-mail at

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