Dr. Antell does not participate with any insurance company, Medicare, or medical assistance. All fees are due at the time services are rendered and payment may be made by verifiable check or credit card. Dr. Antell will provide you with documentation to file for possible reimbursement from your health insurance, including filling out limited preauthorization materials. By providing you with this documentation, Dr. Antell is not implying that your efforts to receive reimbursement will be successful. You should be aware that many health insurers will not pay for neuropsychological or psychological evaluation, or will pay only under very specific conditions. Others will pay for some diagnoses, but not others.

Even when they do pay, some insurers require complex preauthorization documents to pay for some or part of the evaluation. Because these rules are complex and always changing, you are advised to contact your insurer for information about coverage. Make sure that you call the number for "mental health services" or "behavioral health," as this is sometimes different than the number for medical customer service. Responsibility for obtaining insurance information including preauthorization documents resides with the insured.

Depending upon the nature of the referral, you may be eligible to receive some reimbursement from some public agencies. You may wish to check with your state Brain and Spinal Cord Injury program if you have suffered a brain injury, or the Developmental Disabilities Administration for children or adults with developmental disabilities. Sometimes, especially if parents and school disagree about the findings of a school evaluation, the school system will reimburse for the costs of an outside evaluation. You should check with your school team for this information. Again, Dr. Antell is not responsible for the information provided to you by these agencies.