Referral: Patients are referred to Dr. Antell by physicians, schools,
and former patients. Some patients also self refer. Typical concerns

      • Autism
      • Developmental Delay/Disabilities
      • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
      • Learning Disabilities
      • Academic Dysfunction
      • Severe Behavioral Problems
      • Recovery following neurological injury
        (including stroke and other anoxic brain injury)
      • Memory Problems/Dementia
      • Testing needed for school or special program admission
      • Post High School educational and vocational planning

The Process:
After contacting the office, you will receive via regular mail or e-mail a number of documents which explain the nature of the practice, fees and issues regarding confidentiality. You will also be provided with a history form. It is important that you complete this history and bring it with you to the initial consultation. If there have been previous evaluations, and/or you have copies of relevant medical records or school evaluations, please bring these with you as well. At this initial office contact, you will be scheduled for a one-hour initial consultation. Following this initial meeting, a schedule for the complete evaluation (if indicated) can be set. Each clinical evaluation begins with the one-hour interview or consultation. During this first visit we will review the history, discuss the nature of the problem and deal with any additional questions or concerns. If the evaluation is for a child, only the parent(s) should attend this initial meeting.

Following the initial consultation, the formal evaluation is scheduled. Depending upon the age of the patient, and the nature of the question, the testing may take as much as 6-8 hours, or more. Decisions regarding the number of testing sessions required to complete the evaluation are made initially at the consultation, but may be revised during testing itself if testing takes longer than anticipated, or if fatigue or other issues suggest that a session should be terminated and another session scheduled. Because fees are based on the nature of the evaluation question and the age of the patient, rather than the exact number of hours involved, you need not be concerned about increasing fees if I that any given session should be terminated.

Once data collection is complete, you will be asked to schedule a follow up visit, usually in about two weeks. This time is required me to score the data, interpret the results and write an evaluation report. At the follow-up, we will review the report together. At this time you will provided with a diagnosis, and explanation, and a treatment plan. The treatment plan may involve referral for additional evaluations by other specialists, specific therapies, and/or recommendations regarding school placement and programming. I will also advise you regarding any follow-up I would like to do.

Only after this follow-up visit will reports be disseminated to individuals at your request. Please make sure that you have signed separate consents for each person to whom you would like a report sent. Also, for your protection, I will send reports only to other medical professionals (or attorneys as appropriate); reports to schools and others will be provided to you, but must be transmitted to non-professional by you rather than by my office. If you wish for me to speak with anyone by telephone regarding my findings, I will need consent for this as well.

In some circumstances you may wish Dr. Antell to attend meetings at a child's school or with an adult's employer. Dr. Antell is available for such meetings for an additional fee.

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